hhghhg Live Music & Event photography by Rich Ward, based in Birmingham, Worcestershire.


Genus:  Capra

Species: Snappius Moronicus

Habitat: Native to the Midlands region of the UK but is also known to travel frequently throughout the UK. Thrives in shaded areas and dimly lit environments, but will also bloom in festival sunshine. Commonly found in Genting Arena, Wolverhampton Civic, Birmingham Symphony Hall, or small clubs such as The Robin 2 in Bilston or Evesham's Iron Road.

A natural forager, with main food sources being Real Ale, cheese baps, and English breakfast tea.

Benefitting from opposable thumbs, Snappius Moronicus has favoured the use of Nikon DSLRs exclusively as his tools of choice. Currently he uses a D3s and D800.


Some albums featuring my photographs

My images have been published in rock magazines and newspapers in the UK, USA, Norway & Japan. Pictured below are a selection of CD and DVD releases featuring my work.

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Midlands Rocks


I also work as a photographer, occasional reviewer and live reviews editor for Midlands Rocks

Midlands Rocks is an online space, promoting all things ROCK across the wider Midlands area. So whether you chill to the Blues, love your Rock or are into the hardest of Metal, then you are bound to find something there for you. With the most extensive and up to date gig guide across the Midlands, album reviews, gig reviews, and interviews across all genres, it’s the one stop shop for all your rockin’ needs.


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The majority of images are available for licensing and for individual purchase.


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